Research Articles

Research Articles

Dads and Paternal Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Discriminate: Dads Get It Too In recent years, the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression in mothers has become much more prevalent, helping to create huge strides in maternal mental health. With it has come the interest in dads and deeper investigation into paternal mental health. Do fathers suffer similarly from […]

C-sections and PPD

C-sections can take a toll on the birthing experience. Many mothers look back on their birth experiences and instead of having the incredible feeling of coming home with a new baby, they can only remember the trauma around giving birth. If these negative feelings continue for more than a few weeks, and result in stronger […]

A Doula’s Role

As a birth worker, I was trained as a birth and postpartum Doula, birth educator, placenta Encapsulator and midwife assistant. However, very little time or training was spent on recognizing and helping treat postpartum mood disorders. The subjects were breached but never to the extent needed to be able to help our postpartum clients like […]

Postpartum Depression’s New Fast-Acting Treatment May Be a Game Changer for Moms

  An exciting new development has been announced that is heralded as a game changer for postpartum depression (PPD). On Tuesday March 19th, the FDA approved brexanolone, a quick acting neuroactive steroid, as the first drug specifically approved for the treatment of PPD.1   Brexanolone created by Sage Therapeutics, is set to hit the markets […]

Food and Maternal Mental Health

  What we eat can affect how our bodies feel more than just physiologically. Research over the years has investigated the impact of food, supplements, and food scarcity on mental health, including the effects on postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs).   Historically, many cultures thought that the first 40 days […]

Does breastfeeding protect you from postpartum depression?

We’ve all heard it before: breastfeeding benefits you and your baby. But is it possible that breastfeeding can also help you avoid postpartum depression (PPD) or baby blues after your baby is born?   A little background might be helpful: PPD is reported to affect between 11%-20% of women in the U.S., or about 600,000 […]