Meet Aly

Meet Aly



Aly is a Nashville native who gave birth to her sweet baby, Ella Jane, in January 2018. Soon after having Ella, Aly fell into a deep place of Postpartum Depression. While the worst of it lasted for 7 weeks, Aly is still on the journey to complete healing. Her battle plan has included utilizing family, doctors, counselors, medicine, and ultimately Jesus! Since coming out of the worst part of her PPD on March 14th, 2018, Aly has been passionate about spreading awareness for Postpartum Depression, and reaching women around the world who suffer from this illness.

Fun Facts About Aly:

  • Dr. Pepper is her drink of choice 100% of the time.
  • She is a licensed cosmetologist.
  • She wants to live in Uganda one day!
  • For Aly, everyday is Taco Tuesday.
  • If she could own any exotic pet, it would be a lion!


Follow her on Instagram: @aly_thayer

I felt like I was watching someone else live my life. And the girl living it was miserable. I wanted to help her desperately, but she was so far gone that there was no reaching her.