The Crew

Meet the Crew

Aly Thayer


Aly wrestled with the worst of her PPD for 7 weeks. Though still on the journey to complete healing, she hopes to spread awareness about an illness that has consumed her life.

Meet Aly

Christina Levi

Social Media Manager

Christina’s passion for mothers and social media makes her a perfect fit for the PPDJourney team.

Meet Christina

Cally Neely

Research Writer

Cally is a passionate woman about all things maternal mental health. Through her love of research writing, she supplies PPDJourney with our research articles that are posted monthly.

Meet Cally

James Thayer

Shooter, Editor, Husband

James is Aly’s husband. He has been incredibly supportive of her whole journey.


Meet James

Lindsay Wilburn

Team Member

A close friend of Aly’s that walked with her every step of the journey.

Meet Lindsay

Ella Jane Thayer

Aly's daughter

This little princess remained a light through the worst of Aly’s PPD.

Meet Ella

Pam Shumate

Story Manager

Pam is a dedicated PPD warrior that hopped on board to Shatter the Silence around perinatal mood disorders.

Meet Pam

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