Kali’s Story – Postpartum Depression and Anxiety… a road to healing and advocacy

Kali's Story My name is Kali. My baby, Sloane, is almost 4 months old and I'm attempting to recover from postpartum depression and anxiety. A "text book perfect" birth I had a relatively easy pregnancy and a "by the book" planned c-section. In the hospital I felt great in terms of my mental and emotional [...]

Angie’s Story – Depression and her negative experience with medicine.

Angie's Story Birth and NICU 13 years ago marks the birth of my daughter. She was two months early. I was fortunate that she was only in NICU for about 3 weeks. I still wish to this day I had a “normal” pregnancy. You know; go into labor in the middle of the night, normal [...]

Mariah’s Story with Postpartum Depression

Mariah's Story It all happened so fast. Or did it? There is a constant battle in my heart on whether or not this journey of mine could have been prevented - or in the very least could have been different. Should I have been more prepared? But can anyone prepare for something like this? This [...]

Postpartum Rage, Anxiety, and Depression. Is it normal?

Bex's Story Postpartum: No Beauty, Just Beast Bex and son. I’m not gonna lie, my PP recovery was pretty easy. Sure, no one enjoys sitting on an ice pack and spraying witchhazel on your vajayjay 4x a day or not being able to control your pee (uhm no one warned me about that, and I [...]

Claire’s Story with Postpartum Depression

Claire's Story The Birth of Claire's daughter, Bug A daughter: smart, kind, beautiful, and just as full of challenges as her birth. Bug (our older daughter) came into this world by C-section after a 24- hour labor in April of 2017. We were told that she needed help and they had to get her out, [...]

Becky’s Story and Overcoming Postpartum Depression

Overcoming Postpartum Depression – Becky’s Story I am no stranger to anxiety and depression. SSRIs and anti-anxiety medications have been a part of my diet since my mid twenties and honestly should have probably been snuck into my baby bottle. When getting pregnant with my son I weaned myself off of the medication because I […]

Karen’s Story with Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Karen's Story Karen with her first son, depressed but still smiling! My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage at ten weeks and left me feeling gutted and broken. I loved and wanted that baby. I didn’t know how to grieve a child that I never got to hold. I blamed myself, and I couldn’t bear having [...]

Kate’s Story with Postpartum Depression

Kate's Story Postpartum depression honestly feels like a lifetime ago. At the same time, the postpartum depression is present in my every day life. Little reminders of the darker days still exist all around me - the sign on the highway, the bracelet I wear every day, the resentment that resurfaces at times, the immense [...]

Dads and Paternal Postpartum Depression

Postpartum Depression Doesn’t Discriminate: Dads Get It Too In recent years, the recognition, diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression in mothers has become much more prevalent, helping to create huge strides in maternal mental health. With it has come the interest in dads and deeper investigation into paternal mental health. Do fathers suffer similarly from […]

Nicole’s Story

Nicole's Story I am a Mama of a 2 year old boy named Dylan. But also wear many other hats. Just to name a few, I am a wife, corporate project manager, Reiki Master, PSI NJ Membership Chair, Climb Leader, and a Multi-Modality Practitioner in training. Most importantly, I am a survivor. Without that title, [...]

Why does postpartum depression happen?

Why does postpartum depression happen? If you’re a new momma and you are experiencing telltale signs of postpartum depression, you may be asking yourself, “Why?” But first, let’s talk about ‘who’… Postpartum depression is a sneaky illness that can crop up at anytime within the first year of baby’s life and can literally happen to […]

Rachel’s Story

My PPD story begins in 2011 after the birth of my first baby. At 41 weeks pregnant and under the care of a doctor who was not patient or helpful in discussing my options, I was induced. I had no communication as to why (except per the weeks) and all my intuitions screamed that he […]

Meg’s Story

Becoming a mom is a funny thing. You go to bed one night, belly full of baby, and end the following day with your arms full instead and your heart full of love. At least, that’s what happened to me. I’ve spent my entire life dreaming about becoming a mom. What I’d be like, what […]

C-sections and PPD

C-sections can take a toll on the birthing experience. Many mothers look back on their birth experiences and instead of having the incredible feeling of coming home with a new baby, they can only remember the trauma around giving birth. If these negative feelings continue for more than a few weeks, and result in stronger […]

Monica’s Story

Most of my life, I have dealt with depression and anxiety.  When I had my first daughter, Adriana, I had the “baby blues.”  Two years later, I had a C-section, to deliver my twins, Brynley and Cayden.  Both perfectly healthy, but I needed an emergency hysterectomy, to stop the bleeding.  That night, I was brought […]

Sandra’s Story

   Postpartum depression and anxiety… Wowza! Hands down the hardest most painful journey my family and I have ever gone through. And….I had everything I ever wanted. It was the craziest most debilitating sadness and fear I’ve ever felt. I had thought about sharing what I went through several times and chickened out!  I was […]

A Doula’s Role

As a birth worker, I was trained as a birth and postpartum Doula, birth educator, placenta Encapsulator and midwife assistant. However, very little time or training was spent on recognizing and helping treat postpartum mood disorders. The subjects were breached but never to the extent needed to be able to help our postpartum clients like […]

Sarah’s Story

I’m not new to depression. I went through about five years of it from 2007 on and each year it got worse and worse until I finally got over my fear of the stigma of antidepressants and asked my doctor for help. I was very blessed. My medicine worked almost right away. And for about […]

Jacinta’s Story

       My daughter was born 25 months ago, and only now I have found myself reflecting on what happened, and how it has affected us all. Her birth was a planned c-section because she was in breech position. As we arrived to the hospital I was told that my midwife would not be […]

Postpartum Depression’s New Fast-Acting Treatment May Be a Game Changer for Moms

  An exciting new development has been announced that is heralded as a game changer for postpartum depression (PPD). On Tuesday March 19th, the FDA approved brexanolone, a quick acting neuroactive steroid, as the first drug specifically approved for the treatment of PPD.1   Brexanolone created by Sage Therapeutics, is set to hit the markets […]

Casey’s Story

On April 6th, 2017, everything I had ever wished for came true. I was
happily married to my soul mate, we had created a beautiful home, and a
family of two boys and finally a daughter. Ava was my third baby, my
most planned, anticipated and prepared for baby. All of my dreams had
come true, but I was […]

Food and Maternal Mental Health

  What we eat can affect how our bodies feel more than just physiologically. Research over the years has investigated the impact of food, supplements, and food scarcity on mental health, including the effects on postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs).   Historically, many cultures thought that the first 40 days […]

Erika’s Story

When I had Owen, I went through some pretty dark times. I was only 21
when he was born, my friends were all still going out every weekend. I
felt extremely alone. I was in a different stage of my life than most of
my friends, making it hard to find many people to relate to. I honestly
thought […]

Sarah’s Story

I really don’t know where to start. There are so many pieces to this story. Do I begin when I was in the hospital so many times in that 9th month of pregnancy? Do I start with the first time (out of many) that I heard, “if you develop preaclampsia, you and your baby could […]

Rachel’s Story

My four week old lay playing on his blanket, pumping his arms and legs as he watched the mobile I made. It twirled in the gentle breeze blowing in from the open windows while I sat next to him on a floor pillow, talking to my mom. “I just don’t think I feel right”, I […]

Does breastfeeding protect you from postpartum depression?

We’ve all heard it before: breastfeeding benefits you and your baby. But is it possible that breastfeeding can also help you avoid postpartum depression (PPD) or baby blues after your baby is born?   A little background might be helpful: PPD is reported to affect between 11%-20% of women in the U.S., or about 600,000 […]

Kindall’s Story

I am 1 in 7. There were so many things going on in my life at the time that I honestly believe contributed to my Postpartum Depression. Four days after I found out I was pregnant, my father passed away from pancreatic cancer and I never got to tell him the news.

Trenna’s Story

Postpartum Depression is silent. I remember when I found out that I was expecting, what I know now was my first of three boys. I was ecstatic. That may even be an understatement. With how much joy I had about becoming a mom, I never thought about the demon they call “postpartum depression”. I’d always […]

Erin’s Story

My dream, for as long as I can remember, was to be a mom. With my first baby, I was sick before I had a positive pregnancy test. This would turn out to be my first sign of pregnancy with all three babies. My first OB appointment wasn’t until I was 12 weeks, and by […]

Amber’s Story

I really didn’t know much about post-partum depression. The only thing the nurses did was give me a pamphlet and they didn’t stress how big of a deal it could be. After I had my first born I felt good at first with being a new mom. But then, PPD literally came out of nowhere […]

Samantha’s Story

I wish I could say it’s been one of those “days”, but it’s felt like this more than one. Finding your new normal in motherhood is hard, and finding your village is even harder. It’s this incredible, life changing event that fills you with so much joy and love and somehow you’re still so full […]

Ashleigh’s Story

I still remember looking at my newborn baby in the hospital thinking to myself, “Everyone says that you’re going to instantly fall in love with your baby, yet I don’t feel anything in particular for this little human”. I had somewhat of a difficult birth and my son had been taken away immediately after he […]

Larissa’s Story

My postpartum depression story starts long before I gave birth to my baby boy. I truly believe it started the day I found out I was pregnant. I remember crying on the phone with my mom just minutes after a positive test. She was so excited to have a grand baby, but I felt like […]

Jamie’s Input

From a young age, many of us dream about having a family. We play dolls; we read stories; we come up with baby names. In all of those dreams, we get pregnant easily, have a smooth pregnancy and birth, and are joyous bringing home a happy and healthy baby. Yet, this fairy tale is rarely […]

Julissa’s Story

Everything was perfect a day ago… I could finally fulfill my dream of traveling now that I was on maternity leave, taking more than the average 3-6 months off for my new baby. My life could not have felt more complete. I had my dream job, two beautiful sons, an amazing fiancé and my own […]

Lisa’s Story

My story is unveiled with my three pregnancies. With all three of my pregnancies, I was very high risk. I had weekly appointments, many ultrasounds, bedrest and way too many pills to take in order to keep my beautiful babies inside my belly. With my first pregnancy, I was induced one month early because my […]

Brittany’s Story

About 3 months ago I endured one of my biggest fears; Miscarriage. I was not a stranger to it. I knew quite a bit about it. I had been surrounded by it, by so many women in my life. I knew it was quite common. What I did not know about it, was how much […]

Renee’s Story

I love my life, it’s pretty perfect. I have a healthy, beautiful boy and a loving husband, I have even lost all my baby weight. But postpartum depression paints a different story: it says you are nothing more than a body covered in stretch marks, with a vagina that doesn’t work the same. Your husband […]

Joanna’s Story

I’ve battled along time with the shame of having postpartum depression because all I have ever wanted was to be a mother. I never longed for the perfect family, but I longed for a baby. When I first found out I was pregnant I was shocked, but it was what I had wanted for so […]

Kristina’s Story

A little over three years ago, I endured the toughest trial of my adult life.  There’s not a birth or baby class detailed enough to prepare someone for the mental health challenges that I was about to come up against. I wasn’t even slightly aware of the possibility that something like this could happen to […]

Anna’s Story

I was that person who didn’t think postpartum depression existed. I truly thought that after you had a baby you’re [just] going to be over tired, and you would be fine. I thought this until I had my son, Knox.

Aly’s Story

I woke up on a perfectly sunny Tuesday in March of this year. And I instantly regretted it. My tired and sleep deprived soul whispered, “Why Lord? Why did you not take me in the night like I asked you to?” Nonetheless, I willed myself to get out of bed, because my 8-week-old baby is […]

Ellis’ Story

On July 22, 2016 I gave birth to my little boy who became the light of my life.  However, I would not have been that positive the day I had him, or for the next 5 months for that matter.  Truthfully, motherhood was quite an adjustment and challenge for me and some days it still […]

Alyssa’s Story

My name is Alyssa and I am thirty years old. I’ll start with a little back story. My parents split up when I was one and my mom married my step dad. When I was three, I became a big sister for the first time. My mom was diagnosed with PPD and things went downhill […]

Deana’s Story

What were some of the first signs you noticed before realizing you were suffering from PPD? In the moment, I didn’t notice anything. I was overwhelmed by a colicky baby and the crippling defeat from not being able to console him. It wasn’t until friends mentioned I may be suffering from postpartum depression that I started […]

Kirsten’s Story

My husband and I have always struggled to get pregnant. I remember the hopelessness, the nights I cried myself to sleep and the self enforced exclusion from my peers starting families of their own. My empty arms ached and I agonized over my body’s inability to do what women were supposed to just do naturally. […]

Allison’s Story

I am no stranger to mental illness. Almost my whole life has involved the upheaval of mental illness, whether it was stories of my great-grandmother who only achieved relief from her depression from the earliest trials of electroconvulsive therapy, my father’s diagnosis of bipolar disorder when I was 10, my mom’s desperate stories about growing […]

Kaydi’s Story

During pregnancy I suffered from depression and anxiety, I was prescribed medication but found ways to cope so I didn’t have to go on it. I knew this increased my chances of having PPD once my baby was born but had no idea it would be so bad and happen so fast.. So today I […]