Becky’s Story and Overcoming Postpartum Depression

Becky's Story

Overcoming Postpartum Depression – Becky’s Story

I am no stranger to anxiety and depression. SSRIs and anti-anxiety medications have been a part of my diet since my mid twenties and honestly should have probably been snuck into my baby bottle. When getting pregnant with my son I weaned myself off of the medication because I felt it was what was best for the baby’s health.

Becky & son in the middle of her postpartum depression
“In the picture I submitted, I had been sobbing for hours prior my husband coming home. I think of those moments [with postpartum depression] every time I look at the photo.” – Becky

Fast forward to my labor which consisted of 12 hours of unmedicated labor (by choice…because I was one of THOSE women) followed by 7-10 more hours of pushing and finally an emergency c-section.

So, to say I was disappointed by how my birth story ended up is quite the understatement. I felt immediately like a failure. I did everything “right”…everything that the documentaries and books said to do, so why did I end up with a c-section? What did I do wrong?

Postpartum depression begins

Becky and Son

I vividly remember hearing my baby cry for the first time as they pulled him out and feeling…nothing. I tried to squeeze out a tear because that’s what new moms do, right? I tried to feel the happiness they told me I would, but it wasn’t there.

I recall being alone in the hospital room at night, praying each wheeled cart that went by would not be my son ready for another failed breastfeeding. I remember texting a good friend I thought I made a mistake. A mistake in having him at all.

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As the days went on and the breastfeeding became more impossible (I had Lupus but didn’t know it yet) and the lack of sleep got worse and worse, I felt even more hopeless.

Becky and Son at the beach

While I never wanted to hurt my child I wished to GOD I could go back in time to pre-child life, and realize that I was never meant to be a mother. I failed at birth, I failed at breastfeeding, and lastly failed at connecting like a mother should.

Things look up for Becky and the healing from postpartum depression begins.

Becky and Son present day

Luckily a tiny part of me knew myself and immediately went to a doctor to get my medication re-prescribed. It took weeks to kick back in and during that time I doubted myself and my baby every day. I didn’t realize hormones crashing could send me into more of a tailspin then I already was.

As I got more stable and I figured out each week was different, my baby would change, begin to sleep, and react and give me emotions I could give back to him. And I would never go back to life without him. I still feel bad I robbed my son and myself from those early days, because we can’t ever go back. But luckily we can go forward. And we have.

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Becky’s story is unique to her. Postpartum Depression can appear through many and various symptoms. Each woman’s story is unique and should always be diagnosed by a medical professional. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms and they have lasted longer than two weeks, reach out to your doctor.

Do you identify with Becky's story?

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