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Symptoms of PMADs

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``Shatter the Silence``

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jour·ney // ˈjərnē // noun // an act of traveling from one place to another

  • Fighting postpartum depression can be a daunting task. Even surviving one hour at this moment may seem impossible. But please, understand this - Overcoming PPD is a journey. It consists of healing that comes one step at a time - traveling from this moment of healing to the next. But there's no reason that you should walk this road alone. At PPDjourney we hope you find a community of women to navigate this season of life with. Women that can survive the weeks, days, and hours with you. Women who not only understand what you're going through, but are currently walking this road with you. Women who can pray with you and cheer you on. There will be healing at PPDjourney. There will be victory at PPDjourney. There will be community at PPDjourney. Suit up, ladies. It’s time to fight the battle.

There are 121 million women affected globally.


There are 900,000 U.S. cases per year.


Only 15 percent of women affected seek professional help.

  • We are putting the spotlight on postpartum depression and all other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Through conversation, story telling, and knowledge, we hope to bring these silent illnesses to the light. There will be victory through community at PPDJourney.