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Aly Thayer


Aly wrestled with the worst of her PPD for 7 weeks. Though still on the journey to complete healing, she hopes to spread awareness about an illness that has consumed her life.

Meet Aly

Lindsay Wilburn

Team Member

A close friend of Aly’s that walked with her every step of the journey.

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Online Counselors

Looking for support? Meet our online counselors.

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James Thayer

Shooter, Editor, Husband

James is Aly’s husband. He has been incredibly supportive of her whole journey.


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Pam Shumate

Story Manager

Pam is a dedicated PPD warrior that hopped on board to Shatter the Silence around perinatal mood disorders.

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Ella Jane Thayer

Aly's daughter

This little princess remained a light through the worst of Aly’s PPD.

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Cally Neely

Research Writer

Cally is a passionate woman about all things maternal mental health. Through her love of research writing, she supplies PPDJourney with our research articles that are posted monthly.

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About Us

Mission Statement: We are putting the spotlight on postpartum depression and all other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Through conversation, story telling, and knowledge, we hope to bring these silent illnesses to the light. There will be victory through community at PPDJourney.

Disclaimer: does not claim to provide medical advice nor diagnose perinatal mood disorders. Do not treat any of our content as medical advice. Consult a licensed physician for medical needs.

We bring awareness by being vocal on social media platforms, traveling to baby expos, and speaking at events. We hope to one day be able to send our materials home with every mom who just delivered a baby.

We promote community by providing a forum where mothers suffering from PPD can come and speak to others who are on the same journey. In the future, we hope to offer support groups at hospitals.

Providing resources of hope is near and dear to our hearts. We strive to do this through sharing stories of #ppdwarriors through our “Story Spotlight” that is published every Monday, as well as through video testimonials. We want to give a voice to our fighter’s stories, as well as provide hope that it can and will get better.

Extra Gratitude

PPDJourney is especially thankful for the women who stepped up and spoke out about their postpartum depression. Our "Shatter the Silence" series would not have been possible without them. Cheers!


Mary Beth Layhew


Marquisha Thomas


Danielle Huka

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